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Since more than one person has asked, I'll make a note here about school. Even with all the craziness going on, school is actually really great. I'm so glad I decided to go back. First semester went off with out a hitch and I got all good grades. This semester seems like it is going to be a bit of a heavier work load and math is kicking my ass but I'll wade my way through it somehow. As long as some stupid kids don't get one of my favorite teachers in trouble.

She hurt her shoulder really bad on a school trip to Hawaii over the break (yeah, I know... wouldn't we all love to get paid to go to Hawaii) but anyway... So she missed the first two weeks of school. The first week we had a fill in teacher. The second week we just didn't have class on Monday then watched a video on Wednesday (no class Tuesday or Thursday). Then I heard some of the others kids talking about how ridiculous that was and that if she wasn''t there on Friday then they were going to the dean. These are kids that, like me, had her class the semester before and know how good of a teacher she is. It's not like she didn't make a back up plan and such. And it's not like she purposely got hurt so she wouldn't have to teach. I missed Friday so I don't know what came of it. Guess I"ll find out when I go to class tomorrow.

Being back home is still weird but not as horrible as I feared. I think things will settle down once my father in law leaves to go back out on the road. It may be just everything going on but his obvious dislike of my parents (to me, not them thankfully) and their house is REALLY getting on my nerves.

Back steps

I feel like I've been stepping backwards a lot lately. I've gone back to school, back to the place where I had my first job... and now I'm back to living in my parents house. The only saving grace is that this time I have a husband in tow. We just couldn't afford the place we were in anymore and had no where else to go and they had an extra room. So here I am, sitting in the room that I lived in two years ago with my husband sleeping beside me, his dad across the hall and my parents downstairs. It's just all soooo weird. The first night here I actually almost worried that I was going to wake up and find that the last two years had just been a dream. But of course i didn't and now I'm just hoping that once his dad leaves to go truck driving again and we can get our stuff put away, that things might start to feel a little normal. If nothing else its a major incentive to stay in school and get my degree so that someday we can be totally independant and stand on our own.
More later. That is one plus, I'm back with full time internet. That's also a minus though becuase the internet seems to cause problems with Ed and I. But that's a story for another day. RIght now it's bedtime.


Well, life hasn't been easy lately but things are definatly looking up. Today has probably been the best day since my wedding. First I got a job back at Albertsons where I used to work. I'm back in the bakery now which is something that I've never done before but I'm sure I can learn it no problem.  At least it's a job and working with people that I know and like.

AND.. I get to go back to school. It has been a total up and down road over the last month of wether I would be able to or not. First I was looking into scholarships for January and couldn't find anything. Then thought I'd just try and get FAFSA and see what happened and originally they told me that I would get a full ride. Then things changed so that I was only going to get about half of what I need but that they could get me a student loan. But the student loan wouldn't be processed by the first day of school so that I could get my books. The first lady I talked to made it sound like it would take ages to get the money and that I would have to borrow the money from someone else which just isn't a possiblitly.

So I wnet down there to withdraw today but decided that I would try to talk to the lady who first signed me up who had been so helpful. The lady at the front desk didn't really want to let me through but I was insistant so finally I got to talk to her and she's like, oh yeah, it's no big deal we'll just rush this and you'll have your books by the end of next week. EESH!! Why couldn't the other lady just say that??

Anyway, so I start class tommorrow. I'm majoring in Secondary Education with a focus on English so four years from now I will be certified to be a high school english teacher :) :) :) So So happy right now.  This semester I'm taking Public Speaking (ick) British and American Lit (yay), Psychology (eh) and Intro to Education (yay) plus working full time and trying to find time to spend with my husband and parents. 

Still I think I'm going to be able to keep in better touch with y'all. Every friday I'll have a free hour between classes that I can spend in the computer room catching up with y'all. I've so missed all my friends :)



The wedding

I said I would write more of the day when everything calmed down and then it never happend. :p So here goes, a blow by blow memory of that day. I'll put it behind a cut becuase I figure it's going to get a bit long.


First Wedding Pictures

Okay first of the wedding pics are up! These are the ones that my friend Amber took and she did a really great job. I can't wait to get the album from her :) We also have the ones my mom took, just need to get them scanned, and am waiting for the ones from his sister. We are also going to get some proffessional ones done in a couple weeks (probably). So there will be more to come but heres some at least :)



I was on anyway getting stuff from my parents house so I want to write this while it's still fresh in my mind. 

My god, I'm a married woman. LOL. To be honest having lived together it doesn't feel any differant so far. The ceremony was beautiful though. We got everything set up very quickly then had plenty of time to get ready. I'll never forget that feeling of walking down the aisle and seeing him at the end or of looking into his eyes, so full of love, as we recited our vows. At times I think he was basically holding me up. My right leg would not start shaking. LOL. But it was a great ceremony that went off with only one hitch. The unity candle's flame kept going out. It was hilarious, just as the preacher was saying "let this flame be an example of your marriage..." the flame went out. We all laughed so it was good anyway. The bakery kinda messed up our cake but by that point I didn't care. I got most of my family there and some old friends I hadn't seen in forever and we got to talk about old times. I can't wait to watch the video. We got the ceremony, the first dance and me and Ed dancing with some of the kids. 

I'll probably write a lot more about this weekend when I've had time to recover from it. Thanks for all the happy thoughts and well wishes. I only wish all of you could have been there because I consider all of you my friends also. I promise to show pics here and on myspace and facebook as soon as I can. 


I'm going to have to come over to my parents house more and get online cuz I really miss talking to all my friends. Not like I can talk to anyone other than Ed here and he's caught up in the same mess. Finances are getting tight and it rains ALL THE TIME, (even snowed yesterday!!) so we're cramped up and bored and stress and get on each others nerves at times. But we're doing pretty good. Can't wait for the wedding. My god it's almost here :) Less than a month. Still gotta get out marriage license. 

Neal is driving us all nuts. Now he's throwing this total fit that no one cares about him especially me and ed and they are moving down to indiana to be with family and how we aren't really family. I don't really care but it makes me mad that they posted all this one thier myspace making us out to look like horrible people because we don't go out of our way to drag them downstairs in my parents house and interact with them. THey know we're here, they can come downstairs, they can call us anytime. 

SOrry, didn't mean that to turn into a rant. Well... hope to talk to you all soon. Miss Ya. 


 As always just checking in. Really sorry I haven't been able to keep up with what is going on in y'all's life. But when you only get to check things once a week or so.. well, that friends list gets a bit long. LOL. Hope you are all doing well and the muse is with you.

I've been reading more than writing. Still haven't caught up on my 2yn.. soon, I promise... but do have an old story nearly edited enough to go out to agents (again.. first time in at least five years though)... I just have to decide if I want to go ahead and send it out or follow Holly's advice and finish the two that come after it first. We'll see.

Still no job. And money is trying to get tight due to some unexpected expenses. But I've applied to a lot of places, including our local library and hopefully one of them will pop soon.

Was up in a tiny neighboring town yesterday and this building that was for sale made me remember my dream of owning my own bookstore. Don't know if the money will ever be available for that but it never hurts to dream. Also went to the carnival last night. I've always known they were fun, but never realized how romantic they could be. It was so nice getting out just the two of us and forgetting about our troubles for a bit. He won me a stuffed unicorn :) and a kung fu tiger. lol. 

Well.. hope all is well and that I get to talk to you all soon.


 Just a quick note to say I'm still around. I haven't been able to make it to the library as often as I would have liked but my mom has internet again so I might be able to get on more through her.  I really miss talking to all of you. Hope everything is well.

The wedding is just around the corner. !!!!!!!! Everything is almost done and I can't wait. We ordered the cake today and it is going to be soooo pretty. I promise to post pictures as soon after as I can.

Still writing and reading and all that. Still no job but I'm not freaking yet. Stay well all and I'll hopefull talk to y'all soon.

Still alive... barely :p

Hey y'all.. Just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive. We don't have internet at home so I'm at the public library. I'll probably start coming here more once I don't feel like crap anymore. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said I have a bronchial and sinus infection and gave me antibiotics and some wonderfully strong cough medicine that helps me sleep. I feel a little better already. But I am so weak. This morning I went to the grocery store, starbucks and here.. and I am so ready for a nap! But I still have to stop back by the grocery store to see if my pictures are ready. I would let them wait but we need them for something in Ed's business that he needs to get done right away.

Now job offers yet but as sick as I've been that is okay with me. I applied for unemployment even though I hate the thought. Still, it's money coming in. Hopefully I won't be on it long. 

Wedding invites went out and have met with rave reviews. Some of the people I thought were shoe-ins to come aren't (one of them for really stupid reasons) but that's okay. My parents and his siblings will be there and those are the most important people.

Other than that there really isn't much to tell. I can't stay on cuz my battery is going to die or I would come into chat. If someone reads this give everyone there my love and tell them I hope to be in soon. THanks for keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. You're all great friends.

(oh.. and I haven't written much just about 800 words but I have Snowcats a little clearer and have cool ideas for two new YA thrillers like I used to love to read :) And Ed bought me the new Dean Koontz book. So at least I have stuff to do as I'm stuck at home. AND! if you like romantic comedy you must must see 27 dresses. So cute. I'm totally getting my hair cut like Jane too.)